Vern Nicholson Tackles The NFL With The Asterisk

Vern Nicholson Tackles The NFL With The Asterisk

Vern Nicholson started with a lofty goal that stemmed from his love of professional football or otherwise known as America’s favorite pastime. Four years ago, he became frustrated with how the sport was evolving after reading a New York Times article that revealed the amount of quarterbacks passing the ball for thirty or more touchdowns in the National Football League (NFL) almost doubled from the previous four years, from five quarterbacks to nine.

 Sadly, Nicholson soon realized that the world of sports journalists and professional analysts were not reporting on this phenomenon and so his idea to research and write about the subject of professional football took shape. Nicholson’s new and riveting piece, ‘The Asterisk‘ delves into the subject of athleticism being fined and penalized to accommodate less athletic, one-dimensional and drop-back quarterbacks on the field of play.

Vern Nicholson Author Of The Asterisk

Nicholson was interviewed by Dr. Mel Butler on the Faces Going Places Radio Show and expressed wanting to start the conversation about how rules are manipulated for the profitability of the league while the integrity of professional football is increasingly getting trampled on in the process. Conversations that ‘The Asterisk’ presents are necessary in the wake of schemes to cheat the sport in the past, advanced PED use and legalized gambling.

Imagine professional football preserving athleticism instead of scaling back on the meritocratic performance of great athletes on the field of play, Nicholson’s critically acclaimed piece The Asterisk is starting to get a lot of attention, a five-year dream suddenly taking shape. 


Author Information:

Vern Nicholson is a lifelong fan of professional football who believes we all need to have a conversation about the legitimacy of the Patriots’ success over the past two decades. Thus: The Asterisk.
Vern has been a small business owner and marketing executive and has lived in New Hampshire for over 15 years. He authored the Digital Marketing guide, Farming A Marketing Explosion, and develops successful marketing campaigns for small businesses across the country.

The Asterisk book is available on Amazon.comGoogle Play and will be available at Barnes & Nobles during the up-coming football season.


The Asterisk, A Fan's Grievance On Cheating And Rule Manipulation In The NFL


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